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Biology, Еcology and Control of the Invasive Alien Species in the Bulgarian Flora

Project DO 02-194/2008


Project Duration: 2008–2012

Funding: Bulgarian Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science

Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Project Manager: Prof., Dr Ana Petrova

Project Summary:

The goal of the project is to investigate and better understand the distribution, biology, ecology and pathways of invasion of the invasive alien species in the Bulgarian flora and to contribute to minimising their negative effects on the native species and ecosystems.

Basic tasks:
1. Research on the current distribution, ecology and biology of the invasive alien species in the Bulgarian flora.
2. Assessment of the impact of the most problematic ("worst") invasive alien species on the native species and ecosystems.
3. Review of the current worldwide practices for mitigation and control of invasive alien species and testing of appropriate measures in Bulgaria.

Subject of studies:
Subject of studies within the current project will be the ca. 50 invasive and potentially invasive alien species identified within a previous project (2004-2006) funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water: "Assessment of the alien for the Bulgarian flora and mycota species and measures for limitation of their impact on native ecosystems and native species".