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European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference - EVPMC9

The Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla and the University of Turku are pleased to host the 9th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference in Turku, Finland, in September 22nd–27th, 2013.


The biennial meeting is a forum for all involved in basic research in vertebrate biology and ecology, methodology and legislation and their application in wildlife management. Its focus is on Europe but participants and contributions from other regions of the world are welcome.


There will be a special session on:


* Invasive pests – effects and management of introduced species


Invasive species cause changes in their recipient ecosystems, often to the extent that they can become serious pests. Invasive pests represent completely novel problems that also require novel management techniques. This symposium welcomes presentations describing the different ways invasive vertebrates behave as pests and also the ways these pests can be monitored and managed. We would especially welcome presentations on other vertebrates besides mammals, which often dominate discussions on invasive species - thus presentations on alien fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds are most welcome! Combining information over several different pest groups could bring new and important insights to benefit us all.


Other broad topics of the conference include:


* Ecologically based pest management
* Agricultural pest management
* Silvicultural pest management
* Urban pest management
* Zoonoses and parasites
* Chemical control – methods and alternatives
* Human – animal social conflicts.


Please visit the conference website (http://www.evpmc.org) for more information and links to electronic abstract submission and registration.