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The ESENIAS-TOOLS WG3 Meeting: Data collection, analysis, standardisation and harmonisation on alien freshwater species was held on 25-27 November 2015, in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting was organised by the Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature and ESENIAS. Project participants and invited experts on freshwater benthic invertebrate and fish species from Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey took part in the meeting.


The participants presented country reports on check lists, trends and pathways of introduction and spread of alien freshwater species. A draft list of alien freshwater species was discussed and prepared based on the ESENIAS country lists. Different approaches for prioritisation were discussed and a draft list of priority species as well as watch and alert lists were prepared considering the available risk assessments in the region, existing published sources, and experts’ opinion. The preparation of species fact-sheets and presentation of project results were discussed.


A field trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park and to the Korana River was organised. At Plitvice Lakes the participants met the National Park authorities and discussed about invasive alien species issues. The lakes suffer from the introduction of alien and translocated fish species, such as the chub, rudd, rainbow trout and pike, which have displaced the native trout population.


At the Korana River (Sava River Basin) the participants were informed about the signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) invasion (since 2011). Different factors have contributed to the spread of this species upstream and downstream of the invaded area, including human assistance and recent floods. The participants observed damages on river banks as a result of signal crayfish burrowing activities and were informed about the control and eradication measures taken by scientists and local organisations.



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