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12th ESENIAS and DIAS Conference 2023 and 12th ESENIAS Workshop – Outcomes

The Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference 202and 12th ESENIAS

Workshop ‘Globalisation and invasive alien species in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions – management 

challenges and regional cooperation’ 

was held on 11–14 October 2023, in Varna, Bulgaria.


The conference was organised by:

  • Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (IBER-BAS)
  • Faculty of Agronomy, University of Forestry, Bulgaria
  • East and South European Network for Invasive Alien Species (ESENIAS)
  • Danube Region Invasive Alien Species Network (DIAS)
  • Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (IO-BAS)
  • International Association for Danube Research (IAD), and
  • SuEkos, Türkiye.


The conference was supported by:

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • National Science Fund of Bulgaria (Project КП-06-МНФ/34/25.08.2023)
  • NeoBiota.


The conference was opened by Dr. Teodora Trichkova who welcomed the participants on behalf of ESENIAS and DIAS. The participants were also welcomed by Dr. Vladimir Vladimirov, Director of IBER-BAS, and Dr. Kremena Stefanova, Vice Director of IO-BAS. Welcome addresses were sent by Academician Julian Revalski, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and by Mr. Julian Popov, Minister of Environment and Water presented by Ms Kalina Stoyanova from the National Nature Protection Service Directorate.






The following topics were covered: 1) Invasive alien species (IAS) traits and trends; 2) Vectors and pathways for IAS introductions; 3) The Danube River as invasive alien species corridor; 4) Invasive alien species impact; 5) Invasive alien species prevention and management; 6) Management and sharing of IAS data; and 7) Other topics related to IAS.


More than 100 participants from 15 countries attended the conference. A total of 105 communications, including 13 keynote presentations, 33 oral presentations and 59 posters were presented within 11 oral and 3 poster sessions. The abstracts were published in a Book of Abstracts. Selected full papers will be published after peer-review in the following journals:



During the 12th ESENIAS Workshop, four young scientists were awarded as follows:


Free publication (after peer review) in NeoBiota (https://neobiota.pensoft.net/) for best presentation:

  • Polina Nikova, Bulgaria


Free publication (after peer review) in Acta Zoologica Bulgarica (https://acta-zoologica-bulgarica.eu/) for best zoological presentations:

  • Alexandr Vasiliev, Moldova
  • Ovidiu Drăgan, Romania
  • Halyna Morhun, Ukraine.






Further, participants discussed future collaboration, IAS issues to be addressed at regional level and potential funding opportunities.


During Conference excursion, participants visited Aladzha Monastery, the palace of Romanian Queen Marie, and the Botanical Garden in Balchik Town, where they observed a number of alien plants, some of which with invasive potential when established in the wild in the region.


We acknowledge the financial support from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the National Science Fund of Bulgaria (project КП-06-МНФ/34/25.08.2023)!


We are grateful to NeoBiota and Prof. Dr. Lyubomir Penev, Publishing Director of Pensoft Publishers, and Acta Zoologica Bulgarica and Prof. Dr. Boyko B. Georgiev, DSc, Editor-in-Chief, for the support by providing awards to young scientists for best presentations!


We are extremely grateful to the hosting institutions: Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology, BAS, and the Faculty of Agronomy, University of Forestry!


We express our sincere gratitude to the members of Organising and Scientific Committees, the keynote speakers, chairs of sessions, and all participants!



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