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The International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants - The West Palearctic Regional Section (IOBC-WPRS) Working Group "Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops" is organizer of:


which will be held on 7-12 October 2012 in Kusadasi, Turkey


The main purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for promoting international collaboration as well as strengthening the cooperation between science and technology involving in integrated fruit production. Many experienced scientists and technicians who have been engaged since long in developing and applying integrated control strategies and biological control tools, willing to share their knowledge during the meeting, are expected to attend the conference. There will be parallel sessions for entomology and plant pathology topics.


The Conference has diverse topics on plant protection:

• Integrated control of fruit arthropod pests
• Integrated plant protection of diseases in fruits
• Weed Management
• Management of postharvest diseases in Integrated Production
• Pest and disease monitoring and forecasting
• Biological control of pests and diseases in fruit production
• Behavior modifying chemicals: Prospects and constraints in IFP
• Manipulation of tritrophic interactions for IFP
• Organic fruit production
• Application Technology
• Management of pesticide resistance
• Sustainable plant protection strategies to minimize residues in fruit
• Biodiversity and landscape management to help IFP
• Integrated Fruit Production: Potential, Constraints and Challenges in year 2012
• Dissemination strategies in Integrated Production
• Climate change and implication for plant protection
• Pesticide risk indicators to assess the sustainable use of pesticides in IFP
• Carbon footprint of IFP



Prof. Dr Ahmet Uludag is topic organizer of the section "Climate change and implication for plant protection".

For more information, please visit the Conference website: http://www.ifp2012.org