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4th Congress of Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia with International Participation and marking the 40th Anniversary of the Macedonian Ecological Society
Ohrid, Macedonia, October 11th-15th, 2012

First Announcement

Congress of the Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia, in review of the achievements of ecology in Macedonia and other countries in the region, as well as the need for exchange of experience and knowledge appropriate to the scientific conditions of scientists and experts in the region but also the general public interest in better, cleaner and healthier environment.

The 4th Congress marks the 40th anniversary of the Macedonian Ecological Society, the lead promoter of ecology in Macedonia. Therefore, the Congress's Programme will include plenary lecture for the development of the ecology and the environment in Macedonia, as well as the place and the role of the Macedonian Ecological Society.

Macedonia needs organization of a joint Congress of fundamental ecology and environmental science to assure better communication of all scientists in the region. The Congress will present the knowledge of the modern basic ecology and environmental science accumulated recently. This is why the papers at the Congress will be presented through different thematic sections. Each section will start by presenting case studies chosen by the Scientific Committee from the proposed papers. Apart from this, plenary sessions, prepared by eminent ecologists from Macedonia and other countries will present the achievements of modern ecology.


Congress sections:
1. Populations, communities and modeling
2. Structure and function of land ecosystems
3. Water ecosystems under threat (co-organised with the Macedonian Limnological Society)
4. Biodiversity and protected areas across Balkans (cooperation perspectives and economic development impacts)
5. Agro-ecological and Silvicultural Systems
6. Environment, pollution and climate change
7. Landscape ecology for sustainable environment
8. Urban and Human Ecology
9. Multi-level Ecological education

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